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USB-CAN USB to CAN / CAN Converter Pass-through Support Secondary Development

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USB-CAN USB to CAN / CAN Converter Pass-through Support Secondary Development

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Converter USB port to connect to a PC CAN interface to connect other CAN devices can send and receive data with the debugging software, testing, data analysis, parameter setting, shielding and filtering functions.
The converter with one USB and one CAN interface, CAN bus communication with the commissioning software debugging. Also available as a tool for transparent transmission, secondary development, applied directly to a variety of industrial control, security surveillance, intelligent building, automotive electronics and other fields. The small size of the converter, no external power supply, easy to carry, especially suitable for application on a laptop.
Same send bar, function exactly the same, you can manually timed response send data
The ID code and data separately, to prevent the complete error.
The list mode displays to send and receive data.
Can show the channel direction, the frame type, ID code, data, time, and other information
Can scroll the display to stop scrolling observed data.
All data can be stored, are stored in table form
Software selectable languages of Chinese, English, Japanese
Increase in loopback mode for self-test of the converter
To increase set parameters interface
Automatically detects the bus baud rate
Monitoring bus duty ratio

Product Features:
Supports standard and extended frames; support shielding / filtering
converter the parameter (CAN baud rate, shielded filtering, ID, etc.) can be flexible software settings, non-volatile
● USB virtual serial port, can be treated as ordinary serial port (COM3) use for a variety of development platforms (such as VB, VC, DELPHI, etc.), can directly call serial control, no dynamic link library
support a variety of operating system LINUX, OSX, WINCE WINDOWS various versions
Industrial grade isolation design, CAN signals using magnetic coupling isolation, independent power use DC-DC isolation module, anti-interference ability
ceramic gas discharge static protection, more protection than ordinary TVS tube, high reliability
Can be monitored CAN bus transceiver frame number of the bus load condition. (Debug state)
● USB powered, no external power supply
jumper to select the access or disconnect the terminals 120 ohm resistance
red lights, pass-through display and standby

Technical indicators:
standard CAN interface line CAN2.0 A / B protocol, CAN-H and CAN-L line interface
High-speed CAN transceiver TJA1050; automatically exit the bus node in the case of serious errors
CAN Baud Rate: 20Kbps-1Mbps between optional
USB type A interface, support USB2.0, compatible with USB1.1
USB virtual serial port rate can be set. The highest rate for 500KBPS
maximum transmission capacity: 2500 / s (calculated at 8-byte extended frame)
USB connection direct power supply operating current of 80mA, the average power consumption of less than 400mW
You can connect up to 110 nodes
electrostatic protection: contact discharge 6000V air discharge 10000V
Industrial grade Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85 ℃
Operating humidity relative humidity <95% non-condensing
Product Size: 80 * 33MM
Package List:
1* USB to CAN Converter
1* CD

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