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3 in 1 Professional Hunt Meter Network Detection Crosstalk Line Test INSTRUMENT

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3 in 1 Professional Hunt Meter Network Detection Crosstalk Line Test INSTRUMENT

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The hunt is the most basic function of this product, based on hunt, SML8868 a very strong line measurement functions, including networkingtest measured line short-circuit, on-off, crosstalk, cable and switch on the line.

This product measuring line by the visual display of the display, which is simply not comparable to ordinary cable tester, especially crosstalktesting, and switch on the line connectivity testing
Product details:
Function of the line function, crosstalk testing, hunt,The length of the test, continuity test, sentenced open point
Can MS and MR survey grid lines, telephone lines, BNC cable, USB line open circuit, short circuit, cross, reverse polarity, and a visual display on the LCD.

Cable crosstalk testing to address the potential failure of Suman.

Prompted many network lines, telephone lines, and a variety of other metal wire through the volume size in the remote identification measure the line you want to find, hunt long anti-interference and high sensitivity of up to 3000 m above the receiver volume adjustment knob to adjust the sensitivity of the size.

MS, MR, OPEN three methods of measuring cable, coaxial cable, telephone line, USB line length can be used to measure the cable length of 1500 meters, measuring cable length and disconnection positioning accuracy of 98%
Sentenced open circuit point can accurately judge the network cable Crystal head open in a particular endpoint (left, right, or middle).

Low voltage, low voltage display function.

Automatically delay shutdown function.

POST with automatic adjustment of the functions of the various testing situations, the the automatic supplemental feature on the battery capacity and the ambient temperature changes.

Measurable router network cable connection is in good condition, live line measurement of the telephone line.

LCD display features: dot matrix 128x64 size: 48x32mm
Unit: meter (METER), feet (FEET), yards (YARDS)
The maximum length of the test cable: 350m
Accuracy: 2% (± 0.5m or ± 1.5ft)
Power Specifications: DC 9V battery
Power consumption: Operating current ≤ 15mA
Volume: 149 × 66 × 23mm
Net Weight: 140g
Packaging: Blister + color box
Weight: 600g/pc
Operating Temperature / Humidity: 0 ℃ -50 ℃ / 20% -70%

8868 Series Digital LCD network cable tester is the company after years of development and testing, with independent intellectual property rights, patents products. Product performance leading the international level of similar products, with low power consumption, environmental protection, high efficiency. Ordinary AAA batteries, plug in the cable automated testing to support stand-alone test, dual simultaneous display test and improve efficiency. Stylish, smart, sturdy design.

A stand-alone test: turn on the power switch, twisted pair two into the unit, M, L socket tester LCD screen shows TEST (ING), automatic test.
The the LCD screen figures do not jump, show the results for the cable connection.

A dual use: two identical machines, press the "MODE" button more than 2 seconds, set "S (LSVE)", another for "M (ASTER)" test . Port both ends of the cable are inserted into the machine marked with an "M" (This method is suitable for remote testing). The machine automatically after test positioning in their respective LCD screen displays the test results, the screen defined: a row of line No. M own end of the next cable No. S the other end.

The LCD screen state explained:
1.MISWIRE: wiring error; cable wrong, OPEN SHORT.
2.OPEN: open; cable open circuit, the and cable No. display.
3.SHORT: short circuit; cable short-circuit, and in the corresponding cable No. beating, no display below.
4.RESEVED: cross-line cable 1 & 2,3 & 6,4 & 5,7 & 8 any docking inverse display.
5.UTP: unshielded cable, 0 no display.
6.FTP: shielded cable, 0 is displayed.

Fourth, WARNING!
The tester prohibit testing with voltage network lines and telephone lines, otherwise it will seriously burn the machine.
The tester uses a AAA battery, replace the battery, the event of the LCD screen dark.
RJ45 head copper clip did not fully depressed and can not be tested. Otherwise, permanent damage will make ports!
Undated RJ11 port, prohibits the test telephone connection (RJ11). Otherwise it will cause the machine to permanent damage!
Package List:
1 X SML-8868 Hunt Meter Kit
1 X manual

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