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12V Car Auto Electric Portable Pump Air Compressor Tire Inflator Tool Metal tool

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12V Car Auto Electric Portable Pump Air Compressor Tire Inflator Tool Metal tool

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The compact size, beautiful appearance.

Cheer speed, 5-7 minutes a completely no gas, tires can be filled.

Integrated lighting at night can be used as maintenance lights.

Damping feet can be folded, the use of more stable, more convenient storage.

Comes with three gas nozzle, bicycle, motorcycle, balls, inflatable beds can also cheer

Quality stable quality, long service life.

Barometer: 150PSI

Material: Metal

How to use:


Remove the cigarette lighter plug directly plugged into a car cigarette lighter, open the pump switch until the air pump starts, the theinflatable hose to the top of the gas nozzle directly inserted in the tire valve, hear the sound of air escaping from tire, said air circulationcan tighten the gas nozzle to inflate the air no longer escape.
Inflatable, instrument pointer increased with the degree of saturation of the tire when the pointer reaches the proper tire pressure (cartire pressure is 223kpa = 35PSI), remove the plug and gas mouth, that the completion of the work.
This machine is equipped with professional ball needle, the mouthend connected to the gas nozzle, inflatable ball games, and any other gas equipment.




Start the car engine with enhanced power, not car battery power consumption.

This machine is limited to DC (DC12V 12A) power, and not use a home high-voltage power supply,

When inflated, in continuous work for 10 minutes for cooling rest prolong the life of the motor. Rubber boats, inflatable, can work for 30 minutes

General tire inflated, about 3-6 minutes both to arrive 220KPA normal tire pressure. The big tires will be a little longer. Such as inflated, themeter pointer rapid increase in both the air and did not charge into the tire, the work must be stopped and re-operation, otherwise, theinstrument and the motor will be damaged.

Use, people do not leave the body, and pay attention to tire pressure, not too saturated.

Car cigarette lighter, such as clean and without conductive or fuse, the machine can not operate normally, please ensure that theelectrical conductivity of the cigarette lighter.

Native should avoid wet, Chongshuai and sand and mud intrusion, avoid children to play with, so as to avoid damage.

The machine start-up current, do not turn on the power switch connected to the tire case, or may be too large because the starting current burn car fuses. The correct operation of the first turn on the power, until the pump start work properly, draw a line on the tire inflation. If you turn off the power in the operating reboot should unscrew the gas nozzle boot, or they may burn out the car's fuse.


0.8 m inflatable hose three gas-pin, cable 3 meters, boxed.
This machine is suitable for a wide range of cars, the tire of the bicycle, and the ball, rubber boats and so on inflatable.
Highway, field, or anywhere, car tires suddenly leak, better play its emergency function.
Ready placed cars luggage does not occupy space, and versatile.
Car tires keep the correct tire pressure can save gasoline, tire protection, and to ensure road safety.

Package List:
1 X car air pump
1 X 0.8 m inflatable hose
1 X Three gas needle

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